Here at OffBeat, we don’t do bland, boring, or dull. We use the best nuts we can get our hands on and have rocked the scene by mixing natural ingredients to make unique flavor combos with #endlesspossibilities! Our products prove that we are passionate about two things: food and flavor! It’s time to give something different a try #bythespoonful! Follow us on the gram.

 Meet the Team:

JJ & Erika

Erika - Mastermind

Hometown: SLC, UT

Fav OffBeat Nut Butter Flavor: Salted Caramel

Claim to fame: Planet’s most heightened taste buds

Career Stat: Palate on point for the last 15 consecutive years


JJ - Master Formulator and Taste Tester 

Hometown: SLC, UT

Fav OffBeat Nut Butter Flavor: Aloha

Claim to fame: Erika’s highschool sweetheart

Career Stat: World Record for most jars of nut butter consumed in a lifetime


Britt - Squad Leader

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Fav OffBeat Nut Butter Flavor: Cinnamon Bun

Claim to fame: Peaked in high school while attending yearbook camp

Career Stat: Worked while in labor


Shanley - Marketing Guru

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Fav OffBeat Nut Butter Flavor: Almond Mocha

Claim to fame: Really good at doing whatever Britt tells me to do

Career Stat: most consecutive hours spent scrolling through Instagram


Colby - Operations Expert

Hometown: SLC, UT

Fav OffBeat Nut Butter Flavor: Midnight Coconut

Claim to fame: Only person to eat a sandwich for every meal and snack in one day

Career Stat: Consumed 1,000’s of nut butters once cashew allergy was conquered