Creamy Chocolate Dream Pie - March Madness

Creamy Chocolate Dream Pie submitted by Kimberly W.

Makes one serving
460 calories / 14F / 46C / 45P

3/4 cups nonfat, plain Greek yogurt
2 Keto Catalina Cookies
1 serving sugar-free chocolate pudding mix
1 serving CSE Brownie Batter Protein Powder
1 Tbs. Buckeye Brownie Peanut Butter

Spray whipped cream

1. In a zip top bag, crush two Catalina Cookies until desired consistency.

2. Add yogurt, pudding mix, and protein powder into a bowl and mix well.

3. In a separate bowl, add the cookie crumbles and spread out, covering the bottom. Spread the yogurt mixture on top of the cookie crumbles.

4. Drizzle one tablespoon of Buckeye Brownie Peanut Butter over the yogurt mixture and top with whip cream. Enjoy!