Buttering Fields - March Madness

Buttering Fields submitted by Britnee B.

Makes 12 bites
65 calories / 3F / 7C / 3P / per bite

1/4 cup CSE Simply Vanilla Protein Powder
2 Tbs. of coconut flour
1 1/2 Tbs. sugar of choice
3 Tbs. OffBeat Candy Bar Peanut Butter
2 Oreo cookies, crushed

Optional Topping:
2 Tbs. white chocolate chips, melted

1. Mix all ingredients together, except the white chocolate.

2. Add more coconut flour if the dough is too soft, add a teaspoon or more of water, or almond milk if the dough is too thick.

3A. Roll the batter into tablespoon-sized balls, refrigerate for 15 minutes to set.

3B. Melt two tablespoons of white chocolate chips and drizzle over the protein bites, if desired. Enjoy!